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The Future of Microdermabrasion is Here:
Natural Diamond Crystal-Free Microdermabrasion

Natural Diamond Crystal-Free Microdermabrasion offers the benefits of the controversial crystal method but with significant advantages. With natural diamond, there is no threat of Aluminum Oxide particles left embedded in the skin or inhaling the particle dust and no disposal concerns.

Natural Diamond Microdermabrasion is Safer

Natural Diamond Microdermabrasion polishes the skin utilizing a diamond tip wand. The diamond tip wand has tiny natural diamond chips embedded into the circumference of the tip. As the natural diamond wand passes across the skin, it polishes as it gently removes the stratum corneum.

Natural Diamond Microdermabrasion is safer because it has no threat of dust inhalation. Because of this, it allows treatment to areas closer to the eyes and those fine lines around the mouth. The results include healthier, uniform, and more youthful looking skin with a silky smooth feel. Due to the recent reclassification of microdermabrasion devices, FDA approval is no longer needed. However, some manufacturers continue to seek and obtain approval. Microdermabrasion has become one of the most popular non-surgical procedures to improve the skin’s appearance performed today.


Face it! We are a world full of beauty junkies! Well now, thanks to OxyAire you can get beautiful from the top of your head, to the tip of your toes without the "junk".  Oxygen facials have become a hot new trend in the beauty world.

With publicity from celebs like Madonna & Oprah women everywhere are flocking to the nearest spa to experience a blast of pure, unadulterated O2. As humans, we need oxygen to survive; the belief that oxygen has powerful skin nourishing elements has led to the oxygen facial frenzy. 

Treating the skin with oxygen not only soothes dry skin, but it also rehydrates and disinfects even the most sensitive skin.

Oxygen facials are also used to treat burns and redness in the skin. Removing impurities and pollutants left on the skin from the outside environment, oxygen has healing qualities that acts as a detox for the skin in a safe and gentle way while rejuvenating your complexion.

One question that I needed answered was the difference between oxidation of the skin (which is said to be one of the top causes for premature aging of the skin) and the oxygen elements of the facials that women go crazy for. Turns out, oxidation of the skin is a process in which exposure to environmental assaults like sunlight, UV rays, and toxins cause rapid production of oxidants or free radicals in our bodies. Excessive amounts of these can actually damage tissues and cause wrinkles and advanced aging of the skin. By treating the skin with pure oxygen, you are restoring the nourishing elements that are not available in our environment as we know it. In the sterilized and controlled environment of the spa, you are able to experience the pure oxygen benefits to slow signs of aging and create healthier, more radiant skin. So, the mystery has been solved!

The oxygen that we are exposed to in the environment is constantly contaminated by free radicals, UV rays, and other pollutants, which essentially makes it toxic for our skin. What oxygen facials do is they take oxygen in its purest state and apply it to the skin, which can have only beneficial effects as it is combined with other vitamins and minerals.  It's recommended that you get an oxygen facial once a month to keep normal to dry skin in check. Perfect for teenagers, facial beginners, and pregnant women, the oxygen facial is gentle enough that it is suitable for all skin types.

Before and after pictures using Oxygen Treatment


efore & After Oxygen FacialsBefore & After Oxygen Facials


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